Shine Water Now Available in All Whole Foods Markets in the Southeast

Charleston, SC

Physician Made Beverages announced that Shine Water is now on the shelf in all Whole Foods South (NC,SC, GA, TN, AL, MS) locations. After achieving high velocity sales in their first Whole Foods location in Charleston, the beverage was selected for regional expansion which has now been successfully executed. Chief Development Officer, Angel French, stated “We’re excited to grow our partnership with Whole Foods and replicate the in store promotional efforts that built a loyal customer following in Charleston throughout the region and eventually I many more”.

Shine Water is a physician developed vitamin D enhanced water with key electrolytes including Potassium and Magnesium, along with plant based antioxidants , zero sugar, and each bottle contains only 20 Calories. The beverage currently comes in 3 flavors including Strawberry Lemon, Puma-Grape, and Kiwi Cucumber.

For more information, visit or contact:

Phillip Davis