Shine Water Creates Advisory Board

Charleston, SC (September 4th, 2017) - Physician Made Beverages LLC announced today the formation of an Advisory Board that includes former Celsius Beverages CEO Gerry David, along with Ansley Capital and Charleston Whole Foods Market Store Team Leader, Kelly Mathews.  Mr. David turned Celsius around from a state of zero growth when he arrived to a period of record revenues in the fitness beverage space and an 18-fold increase in the company's stock price.  While President and CEO of Celsius, Gerry was named one of only 25 Gold Winners recognized globally in the prestigious CEO World Awards.  He was selected as ‘The Leader’ in the CEO of the Year category, and recognized for his crucial role at the helm of this rapidly-expanding brand.

Ansley Capital is an investment bank based in Charleston, SC that focuses on healthcare and healthcare technology.  Kelly Mathews is a highly respected Store Team Leader at the Charleston Whole Foods Market who leads one of the 10 most profitable locations in the entire company. Shine C.O.O., Angelique French, commented "The team forming around Shine is a strong testament to the value of this unique brand.  We are very thankful to have Gerry, Ansley Capital and Kelly Mathews join us on this journey".

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Phillip Davis