The New Hydration

Imagine - In the sea of so called healthy beverages, a brand actually created by health professionals to deliver meaningful amounts of the nutrients your body needs.  A company that is mission driven and where Global Impact is a priority.  Welcome to the new hydration...Welcome To Shine.

We create superior beverages that promote optimum health using the power of natural ingredients. 

Shine Water was designed by doctors with a focus on the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that Americans and athletes need most without the addition of sugar or artificial ingredients.  Each ingredient was carefully chosen based on nutritional science and the desire to deliver real health value, not just marketing hype.  

Our goal is to impact people  beyond our beverage distribution footprint.  A portion of Shine Water sales are donated to our social partner One World Health in order to help correct micro nutrient deficiencies in families living in Africa and Central America.

Born in Charleston, SC | Made in the U.S.A.


Global Impact

Fuel Your Life, Change Theirs

For every bottle of ShineWater sold, we donate a portion of sales to OneWorld Health to help provide life saving vitamins to children in Africa and Central America.