The New Hydration

Imagine - A world where no one suffers from sugar highs that lead to obesity lows; a place where vitamins, plant extracts and electrolytes dance to a tasty rhythm; a place where no one settles for uninspired hydration; where real health value isn't a pipe dream; and where Global Impact is a priority. Welcome to the new hydration...Welcome To Shine!

We exist to deliver superior beverages that promote optimum health using the power of nature. 

Our company aims to have a positive impact on people that reaches  beyond our distribution and sales footprint.  A portion of ShineWater sales are donated to provide free vitamins to families in Africa and Central America through our social partner One World Health.

Born in Charleston, SC | Made in the U.S.A.


Global Impact

Fuel Your Life, Change Theirs

For every bottle of ShineWater sold, we donate a portion of sales to OneWorld Health to help provide life saving vitamins to children in Africa and Central America.


Advisory Board


Ansley Capital

The Ansley Capital team are trusted strategic and financial advisors with an extensive network of industry contacts and capital sources. They provide banking and consultative services to small and middle market health IT and services companies by leveraging operational expertise to optimize enterprise value, locate investors and facilitate transactions.  AC also has deep experience in the healthcare network management space through their sister company Employers Healthcare Network, which connects employees of middle and large size corporations (including Whole Foods Market) with the best available healthcare providers.  Russ Burks (Founder, Managing Director) and Orlo “Spike” Dietrich (Operating Partner) lead the Ansley Capital team in Charleston, SC.


Gerry David & Associates

As the former CEO of Celsius Beverages (2011-2017), Gerry helped lead the brand from a state of negligible growth when he arrived to posting record revenues in the fitness space for 5 consecutive years and an 18-fold increase in its stock price.  While President and CEO, Gerry was named one of only 25 Gold Winners recognized globally in the prestigious CEO World Awards.  He was selected as ‘The Leader’ in the CEO of the Year category, and recognized for his role at the helm of this rapidly-expanding brand.  Mr. David  also now serves on the board of directors for Cutting Edge Beverages.


Rod Hildebrant

Rod Hildebrant grew up on a farm in rural Michigan, he earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Central Michigan University in Management.  Hildebrant spent 40 years leading some of the Nations largest home health and hospice companies. Today, he and his family develop historic buildings  in Michigan and adapt them to multi-use. Additionally he serves on the Board of Directors of Mati Energy, Advisory Board for Beatbox Beverage, as well as many community organizations.


Kelly Matthews

As the Store Team Leader at Whole Foods Charleston and with 38 years of grocery retail experience, Kelly Mathews knows the natural/organic food and beverage space.  Kelly and his team manage hundreds of brands for Whole Foods Market and have seen the challenges and successes of startup brands navigating the natural channel to gain distribution.  Under his leadership, Whole Foods Charleston remains one of the most profitable stores in the entire nation and is viewed by the corporate executive leadership as a model for the future.  Kelly is highly respected by both the Charleston Whole Foods team and the global leadership in Austin.